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Refurbishing Process
Disassembly/Inspection- Our machines are disassembled and all major assemblies and sub-assemblies are inspected to determine the overall condition of the machine.

Diagnosis - Parts are tested thoroughly to determine their functionality. Any questionable or broken parts are repaired, re-finished, or replaced. Any parts not conforming to OEM specifications are also replaced.

Clean-up - Machine frame (inside and out) and sub-assemblies are cleaned and where applicable painted to OEM specifications.

Re-Assemble/Alignment & Adjustment - The machine is completely reassembled and tested electromechanically and electronically. Machines are then setup and adjusted to OEM specifications.

Performance Testing - The machine is first dry-cycled, then a full functional test is performed using actual components. Final adjustments are made to achieve maximum performance.

Note: Customers are invited to provide samples of their actual product for final check-out and parameter set-up. The product provided must meet the respective OEM standard design guidelines.